Post Graduate Work Permits

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For those looking to Study in Canada as international students, our Post Graduate Work Permit ( PGWP) program has a major advantage over many other countries.  The ability to spend up to three years working in Canada after completing your degree or diploma gives a good chance to earn money, establish yourself in a career track and, if you have interest, gain work experience towards permanent residence.

If you are an International Student in Canada already, getting to the PGWP successfully is really important.  

The first consideration is ensuring you are studying in a program that is eligible for the PGWP program. Most private colleges in Canada are not eligible for this program. There are some exceptions but they are rare. 

For a three year work permit to be issued, it’s important that the course of study is at least two years. This can be complex for accelerated programs, programs without breaks, or programs that offer overlapping credits and exemptions.

Finally its important to continue full time studies for the duration of time in Canada, and be sure to follow the correct program deadlines and status requirements to ensure a successful application for a post graduate work permit.

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