Post Graduate Work Permit Extensions in 2023

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Exciting news for those who currently hold Post Graduate Work Permits that expired in 2022 or will expire in 2023.

Express Entry scores have been very high, and many people currently working in Canada are anxiously awaiting lower CRS scores.

On March 17 Minister Sean Fraser announced that a PGWP extension public policy will be happening again in 2023. Details and specifics about the process are expected to be available in early April.

Our understanding is that applicants with 2022 expired permits will have a pathway to apply for extensions ( potentially even if out of status) and those with permits still valid until 2023 may be sent new permits from IRCC.  IRCC indicates that a validity  period of 18 months would apply to new permits.

We will post more details as we become aware.

( These details are based on a press conference and do not constitute immigration advice)

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