American Options to Move to Canada

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As a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, I am authorized to represent immigration applicants looking to move to Canada.

We deal with many American Citizens often looking to move to Canada as part of a work related transfer, to study or just seeking to move to a new country.

In Canada acquiring Permanent Residence is comparable to a Green Card in the USA. It offers, generally, the right to live and work here as you see fit. It is generally permanent but can be lost if crimes are committed, or if too much time is spent outside of Canada.

We offer an quick assessment / online consultation session that will allow us to evaluate options for Permanent Residence for a fee of $175. This includes taking in some basic information about you, and then having a 45 minute session on Skype or the telephone to review options.

Here are three programs that are often of interest to Americans:

Working Temporarily Under NAFTA
The North American Free Trade agreement allows for Americans in certain occupations to acquire on an expedited basis work permits to work in Canada if offered employment here. Generally speaking these are for 1 to 3 year terms, and while in Canada you can be accompanied by family and receive provincial health care coverage ( ie single payer!). While we are not an employment agency, we can evaluate your opportunities for this if a job lead is presented to us.

Study in Canada
Canadian Universities offer degrees at the Bachelors level and higher, Community Colleges offer more technical educations, diplomas, post graduate certificate programs and in some cases they can also offer limited Bachelors programs as well.
Americans will  find that paying International Student Fees at Canadian Universities is likely comparable to paying out of state rates at 4 year colleges in the USA. Undergraduate tuition is generally going to be between $15-20K per year, and that’s of course in Canadian dollars, meaning the current real cost to Americans is $11-14K at the current exchange.

Permanent Residence under Express Entry
This program is the most common method of obtaining residence in Canada under our economic programs. Points are awarded for age, education, language skills, and work experience. This can be a very complex application for determining qualification and navigating the process. We can work with you to determine your points and what this will mean for your chances.

If you want to know more, we recommend getting in touch with us and setting up a consultation session for personalized advice.

You can click here for our assessment form to provide us with your details if you are looking for permanent residence information.

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