Effective January 2015, a cutting edge program for managing intake of all federal economic class applications has been launched!

For the first time in many years Canada is now considering potential applicants from all skilled occupations.

Express Entry is by far the most complex system Canada has used for selecting Permanent Residents.

It’s designed to manage the flow of candidates into three different application streams.

Express Entry is a computerized intake system that ranks applicants in federal immigration categories.

Mailed-in applications for Federal Skilled Workers, Federal Skilled Trades or Canadian Experience Class will no longer be accepted! Those programs are ONLY accessible through Express Entry.

Applicants create a profile on the Express Entry system; if they meet the criteria for one of these three programs, they are entered into the pool of candidates.

These candidates are then electronically scored under the “Comprehensive Ranking System” point scale based primarily on:

Express Entry has its own point system.

Applicants can score up to:

  • 500 points in Core Human Capital factors ( Age, Education, Language, Skilled Canadian Work Experience)
  • 100 points in Skill Transferability Factors (Education, Foreign Work Experience, Trade Certification)
  • 600 points for holding either an LMIA offer of employment (a Labour Market Impact Assessment from a qualifying Canadian Employer) or a Provincial Nomination Certificate

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In the future, applicants in the candidate pool will be able to register with the Canada Job Bank and employers having difficulty filling positions in Canada will be able to consider those seeking permanent residence for job openings. This option is expected to be operational later in 2015.

Canada’s Provincial Nomination Programs are being given an extra number of certificates to use in a similar manner, choosing those candidates from the pool who meet their labour market requirements. The Government of Ontario has not yet developed its strategy on how this selection will be become a part of their program.

It’s expected that applicants holding these permanent LMIA job offers or Provincial Nominations will receive “Invitations to Apply” very quickly.

Instead of using the traditional first-come first-serve selection process, implementing this process allows CIC to pick the highest ranking applicants each time.

Applicants are no longer assured that they will be able to make a full permanent residence application, nor is there a specific pass mark that will get them to the top of the pile. Because the ranking is competitive, the score needed to receive an “Invitation to Apply” will change depending on the candidates who are being ranked.

Once invited, applicants will have only 60 days to prepare and submit a full application for permanent residence. Thorough preparation is the key.

CIC has promised to process full applications within six months!

For successful applicants the process looks like this:

Applicants should focus on the process for Express Entry and the steps they need to take.

We can help you every step of the way to give you the greatest chance of success.

Many issues can arise in this process and we are here to help you avoid them. There are harsh penalties for any misrepresentation in the process; this can lead to a five year ban from entering or living in Canada.

Express Entry mistakes could lead to applicant not being selected.

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